Sunday, August 1, 2010

Too Early for Fall? Oh Well.

Oh, I have so much to catch up on! Are you ready for this quick 2 week recap? Let's go!

Last weekend we had a girls weekend in Dallas. The ultimate mission was to take Mary Katherine, Kristen and Hannah to Sprinkles Cupcakes since they had never been. We met up with Courtney Novak who lives in Dallas and she was our tour guide for the day. Mrs. Novak welcomed us into her home for dinner after a long day and we had such a delightful trip! LOVED it.
Courtney, Kristen, Me, Hannah and MK @ the Novak residence

@ Sprinkles Cupcakes

The rest of the week had a few highlights also. Hannah and I had a tendency to spend late nights on the couch watching movies and The Kardashians while working on scrapbook projects. We just laugh at how pathetic we are. One night we watched Revolutionary Road...BIG MISTAKE. I really hope marriage isn't like it is portrayed in the movie. We just started laughing afterward. I am not sure if we were laughing because we were so nervous about our future, shocked, or depressed. Either way, we quickly turned on an episode of Sex and the City for relief. I also watched The Other Boleyn Girl and Where The Heart Is this week. Of course, the Boyeln girl gets beheaded so that was pretty depressing and did you realize that the end of Where The Heart Is is filmed in the quad on Baylor's campus?! Go check it out, it's awesome. Oh, and did I mention I should have been studying for the GRE? oops.

In other news this week, I ran out of kitchen trash bags. Because I couldn't seem to remember to get a new box of them, I became very environmentally friendly. I would only make food and do things that would cause minimal trash. For instance, if you make a sandwich you typically have no trash! The bread loaf still had a lot left, and I just used some peanut butter and honey. You can't drink anything out of a bottle either, that causes trash, so you can only use glasses. A real problem came when I made spaghetti for Hannah and I one night. We ended up using the tiny HEB bag that the meat came in for our trash bag. I even dreamed that my neighbor came over and offered me trash bags. Too bad that didn't happen. Come on neighbs!  
HIGHLIGHT-- After having a brand new washer and dryer dropped in my living room by my landlords for a week and a half... I finally got it installed!! The guy hooked it up backward though, so my cold is really hot, and hot is really cold...but that's ok. No complaining here!

So this weekend my little sister and Mom came up to Waco. We drove to Canton, TX on Saturday morning to have our first Trade Days experience. We woke up at 7 a.m. and didn't go to bed until we were finished decorating at 2 a.m. the next morning. I was so proud of my mom, she worked so hard WAY past her bed time! I ended up bringing home a dining room hutch, a shelf for my room and an antique fireplace mantle for my room. To get this all home we had to lay down all the back seats and Hannah, my little sister, sat on the console in the front seat for the two hour trip back. What a great sport! We also decorated the house for fall already. A little early, but I won't have time or mom here to help me during school. Want to see pictures? I bet you do!

fireplace fall decor

My new hutch-- the back is made out of an old wooden teal door!

close up in the hutch cabinet 

the dining room is ready for fall too

the new shelf in my room

new mantle in my room

didn't you want another view?

That's all for now.

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