Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hello Kylie.

Recently I found out that Kylie Borgen stalks my blog posts. It's flattering, really.

   Today in Media Programming we talked to Sandy Ordinez via Skype conference call. Sandy works for which is a philanthropic site that takes a topic, has experts blog on it, then combines all the blogs into one online book. Blook. 
    I was the first in the class to ask Sandy a question in which she told me that I asked a great question! Thanks Sandy, I love confidence boosters! After a few more questions were asked, I realized that Kylie, Ashley, Kelsey and everyone else also had a "great question!" Darn. So maybe mine wasn't so great after all, but here is what I asked:

What would you say's key mission is?

Answer: To provide the journalism world with authoritative information and to give journalism and communication students access to tools and skills they need because STUDENTS ARE THE FUTURE; therefore, the more educated the student, the better the industry.  

I am the future. My classmates are the future. Isn't that scary? 
Anyway, our class is creating a PR campaign for to implement at the end of the semester. We are doing everything from press releases to social media to competitions. This is a big project, but I am excited to see what our group can come up with. Watch out Sandy, you're going to get blown away!


  1. Hi Rachel. I tried to post a comment. I guess it didn't work. Love your blog. I can tell you put a lot of hard work into it! Great job!

  2. watch out for those stalkers. lol!