Monday, November 15, 2010

It's Not a Secret Anymore...

   Three weeks ago, Rachel and I received an e-mail that changed our lives. Our good friend, Mary Katherine, is currently studying through Baylor in New York City and has become the Victoria's Secret Public Relations Intern. Rachel, Mary Katherine and I are the Senior Class Officers for Baylor, so the e-mail was pretty typical, just Mary Katherine responding about some Student Government business, but this one had a "PS" at the end.
   I was sitting in a worship service at Vertical Ministries on this particular Monday night and I could see my phone continually lighting up on the floor underneath the pew in front of me. I had no idea what was going on, but didn't want to check my phone until the service was over. When I pushed the round button on my iPhone I had missed calls and text messages from Rachel, asking if I had seen the e-mail Mary Katherine sent. I opened up the e-mail on my phone and read regular Student Government business (cool, Rach), but then I saw that infamous "PS."
   It read something like this: "PS- I have 2 tickets to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and would like for you all to come and play, if you can find a way up here."
I screamed, showed all the girls walking out of Vertical with me (yes, I was excited about a lingerie show as I was walking out of a church) and we immediately started discussing what I should wear. Next thing you know...

Rachel and I bought two roundtrip tickets and three nights in a hotel to New York City. We flew to the city on a Monday night, spent Tuesday exploring downtown, shopping, eating pizza, and saw the evening Broadway showing of Jersey Boys. When people would ask us why we were in NYC, we always told them we were going to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (because it's instant cool points), but the question that always followed was "Oh, are you guys in it?" in which our response was, "Yes, yes we are!" (because that's even cooler.)

Wednesday we spent the morning in Greenwich Village, shopping SOHO, eating in Little Italy, and finding our way on the Subway.

That early evening, we went to The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and met up with Mary Katherine. The runway was solid glitter, the "outfits" were over the top, and we sat second row. We watched tall, skinny, gorgeous models walk, Katy Perry sing her heart out, and Akon perform/flirt with all the girls. It was magical, and because we are not the Hilton sisters, we will probably never be invited again...

Katy Perry (taken with my iPhone)

Afterward, we went to catch one more Broadway performance and got tickets to Westside Story that night.

And we went home at 6 a.m. the next morning. It was the best, missed week of school ever. And a special thank you to Mary Katherine who gave us the hook-up of a lifetime!

**This trip was particularly exciting because I had ditched Rachel my senior year of high school to take my boyfriend at the time with me on my NYC senior trip, instead of her. It's a sensitive subject, but I was glad that I got to re-do the trip with my best friend!