Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm Not Quite Sure...

   Well I am not sure about a lot of things, including the purpose of this blog.
   I spend so much time looking at everyone else's life online that I should probably spend the time jotting down my own. I am not sure anyone will read this, but that's ok. It's a way for family and friends to see what I have been up to and a way for me to keep track of my life.
   As of now, I am in the summer before my senior year of college. It is supposed to be exciting. After all, I love Baylor and this has become my home. But I have come to the harsh reality that I will soon be kicked out of school and on my own in the real world. Unless I can find my way to graduate school, which is a strong possibility. I am a journalism major right now, and would like to continue that path, focusing on public relations. I will be taking the GRE (the graduate school entrance exam) on August 6, but have not cracked open a book to study. Instead, I have spent every waking moment with friends and my computer. The biggest problem is that there haven't been many waking moments! I tend to sleep in quite a bit during the summer months. 
Kyle and me

lake with Hannah and Emily

the fam going to see Wicked

   My sister, Megan, came into town today to hang out with me for the next few days. We went to lunch after church then decided to come home and take a nap. It is 6 p.m. and she is still asleep. I got to exchange a few e-mails with my sweet boyfriend, Kyle, today too. He is in Europe studying abroad until August 10, but his train broke down today and so he was given free WiFi during the wait. Hearing from him always makes my day, even if it did interrupt my nap! 
   Classic lesson learned today: For the past week I have been getting really bad allergies when I am in my bed. Weird, right? Today they were so bad I had to go downstairs so I could breathe. Finally, I noticed a Ziploc bag on the shelf of my nightstand that I had put there about a week ago. Kyle bought me Gerber dasies, my favorite flowers, for my birthday and I had put them in a bag to try and keep them for scrapbooking. I guess they weren't dry or something because the bag was wet and covered with mold. I threw them in the trash outside and wahlah! I can breathe again! The life of a college kid... you should hear all the mold stories I have...
   My stories are endless. I will be writing many of them on here, mostly for my own entertainment, but I hope if you get stuck reading this that you will enjoy them also. 

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  1. Nice blog Rach!

    This was my first blog experience...

    I hope no crazy stalkers can read all this personal info!

    Love ya,